Our Philosophy

Parent Involvement

We expect that parents/caregivers are involved every session. You will be right there getting hands-on practice and coaching to learn effective strategies to help you, help your child reach his or her goals. Research shows that when parents/caregivers are provided with strategies, given opportunities to practice those strategies within a meaningful context, and further given coaching towards those strategies will lead to improved outcomes.

Episodic Care

Some children have diagnoses that may lead to them benefitting from speech/language and/or feeding therapy services long-term. That doesn’t mean they have to be in weekly therapy for the next 18 years. We believe in establishing functional and attainable short-term goals that can be met within your therapist’s recommended time frame for treatment (often 3-6 months). Then, when those goals have been met your therapist may decide to take a break from therapy to allow for generalization of the new skills and natural maturation to occur. This also allows for other families and children to also have access to services during your break. After some time (often 3-6 months) you are welcome to contact us to see if your child would benefit from additional services.

Inter-professional Practice

We also believe in collaborating with all members of your child’s team. Given your consent, your therapist will be happy to collaborate with other professionals in order to treat your child as a whole. Those professionals may include but are not limited to: pediatrician, audiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology, otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), developmental-behavioral pediatrician, neurology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, early interventionists, teachers, behavior specialists, etc.